"So called" people around us - My experiences with examples

Often we find mean type of people around us. It is very common. But according to me there are two types of mean people around us,
1) Too much mean
2) Less mean
No matter whoever you think about is mean here. You will wonder, how a mother can be mean? but the answer is YES! mother is also mean. She may not be mean to her son / daughter but she is very mean for the world. I am trying to say that everybody is mean in this world (Me too). 
I will explain this topic with various examples and experiences.
  • "So called" Girlfriend: If you have a girlfriend then I am sure that girlfriend is the most mean creature on this planet (no matter whose gf is her). Weather she is multi millioner's daughter or very poor girl. She will always check weather she is in loss or she is going to get something. Exceptions are there as always but most of girls are like this. Same we can apply with boyfriends on this planet. These types of girls destroy boy's career and also life sometime. She uses your intelligence for her daily routine and throws you away once she is satisfied.
  • "So called" Teacher: No one can compete with teachers. Now a days teaching standard is very very poor in India (because of silence of youngsters like us). Who becomes teacher now a day? Mostly a looser who doesn't get a good job in field so he or she becomes teacher. Now you can understand what he or she is going to teach the children? 
  • "So called" Friend: India is over populated country, so we don't need to find such people, such people come on our way automatically. "So called" friend is very dangerous. He or she can make you bankrupt. They will always use you and they will escape when you need them. They will use your each and every thing like your bike, your wallet, and sometimes your girlfriend also. Beware of these type people.
  • "So called" Social servants: I think now a days everyone is aware about political servants so I don't need to talk about them. Except them you will find another type of social servants. You will find these type of servants in NGOs or Trusts. These type of people are fame hungry. They say that they want to work for the society or the nation but eventually they do nothing for the society and just try to raise their position in relevant NGO or Trust.
  • "So called" Helper / Guides:  Now a days you can also find these people online. They always appear on the websites like "Earn easy money" / "Astrology advise" / "Earn money online" etc. And these type of scam-hungry people exists around you also. Just be aware from them.
The main motive to write this post is I am being conned several times by these type of mean people. You just be aware of them. Use your intellect. Be nice with everyone. One sentence I like the most said by someone I don't know: Of course be sweet. But don't be that much sweet that people eat you away. And do not become that bitter that people throw you away.  
If you have also similar experience in your life then comment below.