Started Listening The High Voltage Knowledge - Ashtavakra Gita by H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar

What is Ashtavakra Gita?
Ashtavakra Gita is the knowledge given to King Janak by Sri Ashtavakra.

Though Janaka was the king but by soul he was yogi. He had too many questions bothering in his mind but no one could answer those questions. Finally, somehow he met Ashtavakra. As per his name, Ashtavakra's body was not in good shape. It was curved from 8 place. That's why he was called Ashtavakra.

We the group of art of living volunteers and teachers have started listening Ashtavakra Gita. It is beautifully explained by His Holiness Sri SRi Ravishankar . He has explained the whole knowledge in the set of 33 CDs. Now you can get those CDs online also or your nearest Divine Shop (Art of living shop).

There are few rules for the people who want to take this knowledge.
> If you want to take the knowledge then you must be aware of you body. Mean you have to exercise regularly.

> You must do meditation everyday. Sri Sri says, this knowledge can be dangerous for the person who has not touched any aspect of the meditation yet.

> You should be in some service for society. Basically if you want to get something higher and deeper then you have to prepare yourself for that.

We have started listening on 28/10/2014 and it will be finished after 33 days means at the end of November month.

I am unable to give you the glimpse of the knowledge here because it is not allowed and it can be dangerous for the person who is not following above rules.

Today when I am writing, 4 cds already we have heard. It feels so nice everyday. I feel enthusiastic by listening this knowledge everyday. I would love to implement in my real life.