Admins at Brahmin

I am Hindu and I belong to Brahmin cast (Hindu is sanatana religion). I have started a group for Brahmins on facebook (social networking website) in 2010 may be (I don't remember the exect time). Till the last month only I and my another friend Ravi was handling the group. But then I realise that it is not that easy to handle more then 38K members and so much active group. So I have granted admin rights to some active members / my friends. Here is introduction about them in alphabetical order.

Avinash : He's engineer guy from Rajkot, Gujarat. We first met on Brahmin group itself. And then he became very active member there. I would like to mention his facebook profile here -> Connect With Avinash

Foram : Her original name is Dhara but she loves this name because this name was kept by her mom. She is doing a job in Mumbai. She is originally Gujju but lives in Mumbai. I know her through FB since a year. Connect with her -> Connect with Foram

Himashri : She is my sister. We both are volunteering with The Art of Living. She is teaching IT related subjects in college. Connect with her -> Connect with Himashri

Kamakshi : A brilliant and very matured girl from Allahabad. She can crack any govt. exams! We are in contact since orkut times. She is my soul sister. ->  Connect with Kamakshi

Maharshi : A very enthusiastic boy in the group. Now an admin. He is a freelancer engineer guy from Vadoadara, Gujarat. Connect with him -> Connect with Maharshi

Ravi : Brilleant man. IT guy from Delhi and I know him since 2009. We both were the only admins till last month. He is very kind person with open mind. And now he is married also. -> Connect with Ravi

Rohan : A silent member of the group. But he is very experienced in handling groups / communities. He is from Jhunjunu (Jaipur), Rajasthan.  -> Connect with Rohan

Sneh : My classmate during MCA studies. I am not a regular college going sincere student. So we don't meet everyday. But there is a special bondage between us. -> Connect with Sneh

P.s. I am not that much good in describing people. I have tried my best to describe them. If you want to know more about them then connect with them.