Krishna Didi's Marriage

I got the privilege to attend my beloved mentor, art of living faculty Dr. Krishna Upadhyay's(Krishna Didi) marriage.
First of all I was not at all ready to accept the reality that Krishna Didi is getting married because I can't even think to get far from her. Eventually it was very very difficult for me to accept the truth that she is getting married. I was preparing myself for the occasion since 2 months. She is my mentor and she has taught me to accept the situation as it is but it was very difficult to accept that situation.

The beauty about the marriage was it was going to happen in the art of living international ashram, Bangalore in the presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar (Guruji). So we all were very excited about the marriage because we were getting a chance to meet our Gurudev.
I was very excited because I was going to meet him first time. But later we were informed that he would not be present on the marriage's day, so the tempo has gone little down by that news. But we had great fun at the ashram. It is always beautiful to visit the ashram.
We have arranged "Shaadi wala music" before one day of marriage. I haven't danced in the public before that day. That day I have danced on the punjabi song with Sweta Didi(Krishna Didi's sister and also my mentor, teacher), the groom Nishit and my friends Kartikey, Pruthvi and Bhaskar. It was fun to dance in front of the public.
From left, Krishna Didi & Nishit. And I am standing with Sweta Didi
On the day of marriage, the Mahalakshmi Mantap (The place where marriage ceremony was going to happen) was decorated very beautifully. It was divine feeling to be there. Marriage ceremony was started with "Gaj Puja". Means to worship the elephant god. And then "Gurupuja" happened and the whole ceremony was performed in "South Indian Style". It was very pleasant to watch the ceremony. Guruji blessed the couple on "Skype" during the ceremony (later he met everyone from bride and groom's family). And those two days had become life long memory.
In the end when I was living the Ashram, couldn't resist my tears. I am going to miss Krishna Didi so much. But I will keep meeting her in the future and I will serve more and more people as per her wish. Writing this on the blog to present my gratitude towards her.

"Best of luck to the couple, I wish you a very happy married life."


  1. Thank you so much Rishabh for writing about me. A teacher always remembers and misses sincere students. I pray that you get to meet Guruji soon. And we had a Vedic wedding. :-)

  2. Thankyou Didi! :) Yes it was vedic wedding.


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