9 Reasons Why You Should Go to 'Winter Break' & 'Summer Magic' Every Year

"Summer Magic" or "Winter Break" is a combination of Youth Special Advance Course and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, conducted by Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa) and Dinesh Ghodke happening at The Art of Living, Bangalore Ashram every year.

If you want to apply for these programs then you must have done any entry level art of living course.

So, here are the reasons why you should go to "Winter Break" & "Summer Magic" every year.

(1) Youth special advance course with Bawa & Dinesh Bhaiya.

Both are senior Art of Living faculties. And it is really a great privilege to go through these programs. It is fun to be with a humorous person like Bawa with graceful Dinesh Bhaiya.

(2) Advance course is the perfect way to "Refresh" yourself!

Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankar) says everyone should do at least 2 advance courses in a year. It is the best way to refresh yourself from the daily routine. Advance course really vanishes your past impressions and it can bring the transformation in your life.

(3) Get a perfect answer to your question. Yes! you can ask any damn question.

It is common to have doubts and so many confusions and questions regarding to spirituality, relationship, career, service (serving people) in young age. Specially the confusion cycle starts after you get involved in some service after the course, Summer Magic or Winter Break is the perfect time to get all the answers. Bawa can give ultimate answers to any damn question. I just love his humor! Not convinced? Try yourself ;)

(4) You Will Remember Each and Every Yoga Session!

Dinesh bhaiya conducts amazing "Yoga Sessions" and "Daily Sadhna", he can take you to the deepest meditation in very short time. His presence is divine. You will surely get inspired for daily Sadhna and Exercise after watching his personality.

(5) Powerful meditations will take you to the different world.

Advance course is the cool package of sets of different meditations with yoga and service (Sewa). Powerful meditations by "Sri Sri" is the most blissful thing you will experience during the program. It will bring you to the different world.

(6) We're youngsters and we love party!!

If you think, you are going to some ashram and you will get totally bored! You are mistaken! We are youngsters and party is in our blood! We party hard during the entire program.

(7) Cafe Vishala!! Synonym of Bliss, If You're a Food Lover!

Bawa himself is a great cook! And, if food is your religion then "Cafe Vishala" is the Kashi for you! You will get yummy "Rajsik Food" prepared by blissful meditators. I can describe cafe's food in just one word. "Bliss" 

(8) Bangalore Ashram is the place to be at least once in a lifetime.

If you want to experience the heaven in this lifetime then you should visit The Art of Living International Center (Bangalore Ashram)  at least once. I am sure you will go there again and again after visiting the place.

Ashram holds extremely high energy which will calm your mind. If I tell my experience, every time I enter in the ashram, I feel solid waves of energy and happiness. Guruji calls it home, and actually you will feel like home in the ashram. Ashram management is so organised and you will be treated as a prince or princess in the ashram (FYI: The whole ashram is managed by the volunteers).

Take a look below at the "Colours of the ashram"

(9) You can meet "The Boss" - Main Attraction and May Be the Main Reason to Be in The Ashram.

Summer Magic or Winter Break mostly scheduled skillfully when guruji is there in the Ashram. So you get the chance to meet the master. And what one can expect more than this?

In short, never miss a chance to attend the 'Summer Magic' or 'Winter Break'. You will regain the strength after the program and will be able to do whatever you are doing with more intensity and positivity. In every program, Bawa invites celebrities from different fields to uplift and empower the youth (Though he is the inspiration for so many youngsters).

Life is a celebration, and you will get a chance to celebrate life with your friends and new friends in the ashram. It is like the whole country is gathered at the one place with one intention.

with Love,
Jai Gurudeva!

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