How The Art of Living Has Changed My Life : Shubhada Dantale

Here, Shubhada Dantale explains that How The Art of Living has changed her life? She has done the art of living program and volunteering with the NGO. She has got the 35 ways to explain the whole thing. Let's have a look.

  1. Sudarshan kriya, pranayama, meditation changed my life totally. Life is extra special with art of living.
  2. Daily Sadhana and weekly long kriya over the years has been a magical journey from “SOHUM” to “So What?”
  3. Each day now starts with a blissful dose of pranayama, kriya and meditation.
  4. I have become more disciplined and organized with art of living
  5. Art of living changed my food habits, I eat more healthy food now.

  6. My overall health improved, sinus problem has disappeared completely. I sleep better too
  7. To handle stress and anxiety, I have power of breath. Just a few rounds of deep breath instantly relaxes and brings me back to present moment
  8. Five points taught during the basic art of living course are indeed powerful keys to happiness. I have been applying them to my daily life and this has given me much more clarity, understanding
  9. One of the key points learnt during art of living basic course (Happiness Program of The Art of Living) is to accept people and situations as they are…..This simple yet extremely powerful mantra changed my perspective
  10. Letting go and observing everything that’s happening around, good or bad, as a spectator has given me tremendous strength to live without judging

  11. I feel more aware and alert, at the same time feel relaxed   
  12. I feel energetic and always ready to take up challenges to break self-created barriers
  13. Art of living courses gave me insight on how to be “in the present moment”
  14. Another beautiful concept I have experienced in art of living is intuition. With purity of mind and sharpened intellect, intuitions are bound to happen
  15. I am more happy and calm. Unshakable faith within me is beyond words to express  
  16. I feel much more confident and art of living taught me effortlessly, art of effective communication too
  17. Art of living brought out the best in me and blossomed my hidden talents which were lost in growing up or were untapped so far
  18. I feel the power of sankalpa. The amazing Guru grace and experiencing it as it unfolds from a dream to reality; a simply superb process to experience
  19. Every moment is a celebration with art of living
  20. I have experienced the power of surrender to my Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar, which was never felt earlier 
  21. Art of living brought unlimited joy and happiness in my life
  22. I smile more often, laughter and humour is just unstoppable
  23. I feel much more positive towards life. Even during unpleasant situations there is a centeredness and courage to face the situation with a smile
  24. I belong to a wonderful one world family. This very special connection through my Master is irreplaceable
  25. Seva opportunities empower me. The joy of seeing  smile on other’s faces is priceless and it is indeed the most precious gift to cherish 
  26. I have experienced true meaning of successful team effort or “sanghatchatwam” through seva. Learning through seva is amazing exposure than any fancy professional personal development course
  27. I get inspiration from dedicated art of living teachers and volunteers as well as I have empowered to inspire others to join on this fun filled joyous path of spirituality
  28. Earlier, I used to read Guru stories or hear about it with a wonder, now I actually experience those often and feel Guru Grace
  29. Blessings and miracles in art of living are unlimited
  30. Every art of living course leaves me in a wonder state with the depth of knowledge, inner peace and joy, moreover connecting to my inner self……it  is like tapping hidden treasure that is within us
  31. Over the years now, I have noticed there are subtle changes within me, something’s are changed for good yet something within me that is unshaken, totally mystical
  32. Listening in person to Guruji’s knowledge sessions, Upanishad as well as Q/A during satsang is precious.  Ancient knowledge like Ashtavakra Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Narada Bhakti Sutra, Yoga Vashistha is explained so beautifully, a priceless treasure
  33. Every year Guru Purnima is the most cherished and auspicious day to celebrate Guru Tattva with Sri Sri Ravishankar
  34. Life has become a full circle with sadhana, seva and satsang
  35. Each day I feel blessed to be on this wonderful path of spirituality, moreover that my Guru found me, am filled with tears of gratitude, joy and bliss.

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Written By: Shubhada Dantale
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