Welcome 11111100000

When rest of the world was busy partying outside, we meditated and moved within! #TeamKrishnaSweta gathered for new year celebration at Didi's home to welcome 2016.
Sweta didi started Gurupuja at 11.55 p.m and we welcomed the new year with meditation. :) 
We all meditated, watched live webcast and listened to Guruji's message for 2016.
Yummmiest Prashadam was prepared and served by Sweta Di :) :) :)
All the people over there got a big surprise from didi..
You want to know what it was?? Just ask any one of us..or keep wondering ;)
Wish you all a very Happy New year..
Jai Gurudeva!

P.S> For those who don't know what 11111100000 is.. it is the binary of 2016 :)
Post Courtesy: Sweta Upadhyay