How to deal with heartbreak or breakup?

Heartbreaks are very common in today's world and yes it is okay to break someone's heart sometimes if it is good for that person's future (or your future). This is the most common topic though, I thought let's put some more on the web.

Yes it is happened with me, not once lot of times. First of all what is the heartbreak? When people or situation do not work according to our imagination and we possess that situation or person very much then heartbreak happens. See, people are never going to walk on our path and what we do? we make a railway track for people's behaviour that they should act in that particular manner but understand we all act on thoughts. And thousands of thoughts come in our mind everyday, when we can not even control our thoughts and actions then how can we control other people's thoughts or actions? So here are some quick tips to handle heartbreak. Love is a beautiful feeling and learn to deal with heartbreaks.

1) Take it casually do not think too much.
Take it in common way and live your regular old life. Stop thinking about that. It is okay to think and cry in beginning.

2) Block
Block the person on all your social networks so it will be very easy to forget that person otherwise you will keep stalking on him/her. Later on you can unblock.

3) Workout and Meditate
Meditation is the answer of all your questions. Workout in the gym or wherever you want and meditate regularly it will heal your scars so fast I can tell you with my experience! And if you have done enough workout for the day then thoughts will not trouble you in the night and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

4) Understand your potential. Be a hero.
Often people forget their existence in relationships. This is the right time to become successful.  Keep yourself busy in productive work and become your own hero!

5)  You are not alone. No Suicidal thoughts.
Never ever think that you are alone. Just one person had left you behind and what about other people who love you? Become sensitive for them too and enjoy your life.

6) Explore the world.
There is lot to see in this world. One life is not enough to explore this world. Go on a long vacation alone or with friends. Explore things and do some adventures.

7) Enough time to fulfill your hobby.
Now you have enough time to live and to fulfill your hobby. Often we never get such time during any relationships so now it is the best time to live your dreams and just enjoy it.

8) Do Not Gossip.
We always want to make it talk of the town, but you should not do it. You can share your feelings with few reliable people but do not gossip about your Ex with all the people you meet. You have no right to hurt someone's emotions. Live your life and make it best.

Heartbreaks are inevitable it is your choice how to take it. Either you can take it in positive way and make your live heaven or you can take it in negative way and make your and other influenced people's life hell.