It's not necessary to be a "blue-star" always!

Recently I have been to many places and I am continuously roaming in the country since last 4 months. First of all I visited Mumbai in February then I have visited Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh and finally last month I have visited my Bangalore home! 

Home is not always pleasant I must say! This time, for the first time it was so depressing to be there. So basically this time I have explored the city and some places near the Bangalore, for that I will write another article.
I met His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar during my Bangalore visit! It was really a pleasant experience for me. It is a dream of so many people to meet him one to one but not everyone is lucky as I am. People crave for his one look and I have spent a really long time with him. Generally I have seen so many people become blue after meeting him, they go crazy for few time. But my story was totally different, when I met him, nothing happened like that with me. in fact I felt very comfortable with him, and it was heart to heart communication more then verbal. 
For a change, I did not go crazy after meeting him, I could talk with him keeping so cool, there was no anxiety during the meeting, of course I was too excited though. So I got serious doubt that what the hell is wrong with me? I follow The Art of Living, I am the devotee of Sri Sri and that meeting was not like other people used to meet him. I got serious doubt on myself that what’s wrong with me? I kept thinking about that question for two days and I realised that, it is not necessary to become blue start always, It is okay to meet him like  any normal person. The bond between I and him is too strong but then also it is not necessary that I become like a blue-star*. It can be casual conversation also. Anyways I feel that still there is so much work is to be done, his vision is unique and very big. Lot of people are required for his vision and I am ready to give my part for his vision.
13 May, Gurudev's 60th Birthday is near! I wish him a very happy birthday, so grateful :)

P.S. Writing an article after so many days so it may be bit boring, but i am sure that I will be able to write amazing articles with my MacBook Pro in upcoming days. :-)

Jai Gurudeva!

*Bluestar: A person who gets crazy / over emotional / over excited on certain situations.


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