Quora: Why does Art of living charges so much money for the course?

Recently, I have answered this question on Quora. I want to answer here as well.

To answer this question, I can go on and on. I will put few points here.
Now a days everything works on money. Money is the spine of any structure. So if anyone decides to do anything, it is not possible without money.

They do not charge same at all places. Donation changes according to the place i.e. in Bangalore if you want to join art of living’s happiness program then you will have to donate 2500 rs and same program if you are doing in Ahmedabad then you will have to pay 1400 rs. And very less amount/free in rural areas. Also art of living teachers conduct free programs for jail prisoners, physically/financial disabled people. Rural/Naxalites area.
I can say from my personal experience that you will need money to conduct any damn program. I have conducted Art of living programs in Rajkot,
Things const money, for any art of living program one should have to handle following conts.
  1. Well ventilated Hall Cost
  2. Electricity Cost
  3. Parking, Water Cost
  4. Stationary cost
  5. Course Organising Cost
  6. Petrol Cost
  7. Sound, Lighting Cost
  8. Other Cost (Including some medical emergencies etc etc)

    Of course Art of living NGO is doing service for all the people but from where does this cost you will bring?
The other thing is free things never being taken seriously. People don’t take it seriously. When you can spend lakhs of money on your education or physical fitness then why not for yoga?
Yoga is India’s greatest gift to the world. It should not be given in free, some amounts must be taken to bring that commitment.
Last, Art of living does not spend all the money on Sri Sri Ravishankar or his family. Money is being used in charity (You can cross check this with Art of living’s Bangalore international centre)