Struggle phase is the most wonderful thing can happen to anyone

In a populated country like India, it is really hard to get success, although success is not a piece of a cake that anyone can get it easily. You have to take stand, work hard to get that level of success. Like every indian optimistic Indian, I really want to be successful but wait what is success? Where to find it? How to become successful? These are some really hard and painful questions we face. For me success is not achieving the one particular goal because as Gurudev says you will be in tension or stress after reaching the goal because there are no further plans! So success is enjoying the beautiful journey of life. You're anyway going to be happy after achieving your goal but why to waste unnecessary time to be unhappy while reaching to the goal?
Like every average Indian youngster, I did my Masters in computer with
least interest and all the time I wanted to do something out of the box but laziness was always there and got rid of the MCA somehow in year 2015 finally. I have started freelancing and stuffs when I was pursuing my bachelor degree but now there was a time for startup so I have started a small firm with no concrete idea and it went well for few time but eventually I was confused that what to do? At a time I have also decided to leave this field, but suddenly one day my school/college buddy Keyur has come to my office and he suggested me to join his game development as there is a lot of scope in games according to him and I did not really have many things to do so I joined with him and it went well.
So after successful half year of our partnership, we have decided to start a startup and that is why I have decided to move to Ahmedabad from Rajkot. It was not that tough decision for me at first place.
I have lost many things by living in Ahmedabad like to be with family, 'ghar ka khana' etc but also I have gained pretty much wealth and publicity by our blockbuster android games (And yes I have gained 16 kgs too! LOL).
So here I am, struggling startup guy with lots of complications and dreams in life, and I know that one day I will be successful because we have already started our work seriously. Startup life is not at all easy in the country like India. If you are earning pretty much that means you are rich but now a days that is not enough, as a human being you have to think about future too and that is why with a big goal we have started working on it.
Everyday challenge I face is to wake up on time and to sleep early at night(3.25 a.m. in clock right now). Then lots of possibilities related to the startup like this will work or not? What if this will happen like this? How will they respond to this product? and so on.
But the only thing which is holding me is my strong self confidence which has obviously come through regular meditation.
Dreams are many, let's see what happens next. Life is full of surprises. Main thing is I am happy in this journey.