Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Casteism is cancer to the Society

Gujarat Election 2017's results were shocking but satisfying as public has shown the power of democracy. But this time many people misguided the whole scenario.
Casteism is cancer to the society and specially Saurashtra has lost many promising people because of Hardik Patel and his so called missions and agenda (for his own career). Society should stay away from people like Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh otherwise oneday we will have to pay a lot for this mistake!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why is Art of living Successful? (Quora)

Art of living is one the most successful organizations because its purposes are very clear cut! Listing few
(1) Peaceful world: Since beginning, Art of living is very devoted for the world peace and Srisri is working with their volunteers to spread peace at many places i.e. Peace in Kashmir, Syria, Iraq and Naxalite areas and work is still going on on as a routine.
(2) Empower People by

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

[Story time] #NGT members need to practice The Art of Living 😃 #TruthWilllprevail

Just look at this marvellous picture, this event was organized in India as you can see the Tiranga is proudly waving in the super cool 'Delhi Breeze'. This event called The World Culture Festival was organised by one of the most reputed NGOs in the world - The Art of Living in New Delhi from 11th to 13th March, 2016.
Before diving into any matter, let's just take a look at some facts about The world culture festival and Art of living.