Service Sector ? - Honesty is everywhere!

Today I will talk about two different photos.

1) I took this photo during my coorg solo trip. Vegetable maggie looks delicious no doubt but it was horrible and yuckk!!!

So when I went to watch #abbeyfalls , I was missing spicy food and that's why on my way back I went to this shop near parking and ordered a veg. Maggie, it was my big mistake because Kannada people think that veg = sweet so Maggie was extra sweet and there was no other taste actually!! I called shopkeeper/dhaba owner and complained him about the taste, he said sir don't worry, we will prepare new Maggie according to your taste and he threw out that yucky Maggie in dustbin!! At the end when I asked for bill, he just took money for 1 Maggie and also gave me free mineral water bottle!! I felt overwhelmed, and I must say that when you compared this Dhaba owner with other so called restaurants owners who just loot us in the name of good service.. you'll feel more such people are needed in our society and specially these people are required at Indian #tourist places.
Basically if you're planning to visit #coorg , just go for it. Because not only natural places but people are awesome as well♥️

2) About this photo, it's South Indian vegetarian thali. Just like Gujarati thali, you will find all the six tastes which are essential for our body in, #veg South Indian thali. It looks colourful too so according to color therapy you get to eat all the colours ( I stidied this in naturopathy class).

I am really looking forward to write such posts regularly. Hope to do it soon, and let's hope I comeup with new post soon!.