Little things make a man legend

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

I don't have the courage to post his photo but I would like to post his favorite place on this platform. This is where I talked with my grandfather for the last time on the phone before he left all of us. That day, He was so happy for us, he told me one incident when I went to Shrinathji with him. So we all went to Shrinathji together when I was a child and we woke up early in the morning because
there's always a heavy crowd for the darshan. We reached the temple but there were so many people waiting outside the premises so my Dada didn't go for the first darshan because he wanted to take care of me and keep me away from the crowd as I used to hate the crowd! So he sacrificed his most lovable god's darshan for me! His whole life, he just wanted to make us all happy. He was a great teacher and principal before he retired, till the date his students remember him as a great teacher. He used to give free of cost tuition to the weak students during the free time (which we can't imagine in today's world) and also he served in Haveli at the same time. Time management and regular walking was an essential part of his divine life. He was always curious about new things like a child, and he was the all-rounder!! He could fix a broken table very easily and also he used to repair electronic equipment like a piece of cake. His life is a milestone for all of us. I couldn't even cry or believe when he left us! it's been 2 months now and He is surely at the happy place right now but I really miss my grandfather every day... જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ.