Guidelines to make a decent poster for Art of Living Teachers

1. Make a square size poster which can be posted anywhere like on Instagram/Facebook/Whatsapp/Elyments/Twitter.

2. If you want to make a poster for insta/Whatsapp stories them keep the resolution of 1080x1920 pixels

3. Add Guruji's photo or Art of Living's logo or both in the poster. 

4. Keep the logo and photos at corners preferably.

5. Don't put only photos in the poster.

6. Don't keep your photos larger than Gurudev's photo!

7. Use a transparent logo of the art of living instead of putting a white background logo. It doesn't look good.

8. Choose the right colors that are comfortable to see. & Use clear photos, not blurred photos. It will decrease the quality of the poster.

9. Choose modern fonts (like Kollektif, Inter, Babes, Josefin) for youth programs and typical fonts for general programs. Or you can choose modern fonts for all program posters.

10. Use only one or two types of fonts in the posters. There must be uniformity.

11. Don't put too much content in the poster because no one reads that much and don't just put photos in the poster. The ideal poster should be photos + logo + few lines.

12. Put workshop time, registration link, date, and contact details without fail in the poster.

13. We're putting one general poster and one insta story poster below for an example. If you have more queries then you may contact here (Click to send WhatsApp message)

General Poster

Poster for Insta/FB/Whatsapp/Elyments stories

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