What is Online Meditation & Breath Workshop?

Online Happiness Program

What will you teach in this workshop?

Explore the secrets of your breath and experience the highest form of meditation. We will be teaching The Art of Living's powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya™, which is considered the most powerful breathing technique of our times. It works on all the gross to the subtle level of our body and helps to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Along with this technique, we will also be teaching Yogasanas, Pranayams & Stretches with life-changing wisdom. This program will be of 4 days (2 hours each day).

How it will work?

This technique will show a positive impact on the quality of our life. More than100 independent researches prove that The Sudarshan Kriya from The Art of Living helps any person in physical, mental & emotional stability.

Workshop Benefits

  • Quick & Effective in stress management and reduce stress in the right manner with the power of your own breath. By the end of this workshop, your stress and anxiety can be noticeably reduced.
  • Your meditation will be easier and effortless with the help of powerful Sudarshan Kriya™. 
  • You will be able to understand and observe how does your mind works.
  • Yoga practices and guided meditations will take you deeper inside and you will be able to explore the deep inside YOU.

                            What do you get after finishing the workshop?

Access to teachers and participants around you.

A daily 30 minutes practice to keep you refreshed and fully energized. 

Totally new aspects and outlook of your life to live it with joy and happiness.

Practical wisdom to live stress-free and anxiety-free life.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your unlimited potential sitting at your home and discover what more than 40 million people from 156+ countries have experienced.

Minimum donation for the workshop is INR 2500 which is decreased to INR 1200 for limited period. So register for the next ONLINE meditation & Breath Workshop right now!